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Invest in your best.

Rely on the strategy + instruction to help you do the rest.

Strategy + Instruction + Support

World class coaching with me,

Coach B.

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to our graduates!

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to our graduates! (1)

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Daily motivation: fitness + food + attitude.
All Business all the time. Corporate motivation.
Daily life as seen by me, Coach B..

Motivation Station

Ryan Marsh

Coach B is unlike any individual you will ever meet. She is always positive, is abundantly energetic, and cares deeply about you and your [...]

The BOSU Nation

Welcome to the BOSU Nation Anyone.  Any age. Any level of fitness. Freestyle with me, Coach B.   You can  BOSU at home... You [...]

The Power Break

The key to personal and professional success is to continually re-focus your energy and regulate your stress levels throughout the day.  My goal is [...]

Testimonial | The Tribe Speaks

I have had the privilege of participating in Coach Burk's Master Schedule Training going into the 2016 year and am signed up Spring Training. [...]

Work + Life Balance

A healthy work/life balance can sometimes feel impossible, but with the Master Schedule it is well within reach.  The power [...]

Power Chat | Fresh Flower Friday

Self love. A little bit goes a long way.       Keep it simple. Keep it [...]

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