Drinking – Time to Raise the Bar

Drinking – Time to Raise the Bar

Drinking… let’s crack open a very NEXT LEVEL discussion.

Part of aging gracefully and embracing our most bad-ass self is having a healthy relationship with alcohol. Sure drinking can be fun and it certainly has a time and a place, but let’s be open and honest, there comes a time when we all need to raise the bar for ourselves. Drinking in our 20’s is fun and appropriate, but letting that continue on into true adulthood rarely has a pretty outcome. As a coach, alcohol is one of my favorite topics to have out on the table. It is 100% my personal and professional experience that we need to shed a LOT of love & light on the topic of drinking, for several reasons. Drinking is a slippery slope. It can sneak up on the best of us and bite us on the ass. We’ve all seen or felt it a million times. There is an awesome truth to embracing the topic instead of shaming it or hiding it, Part of NEXT LEVEL living is learning to simply have some fun rocking a steady game and an amazing life.

This actually started for me in 2010. I am 8 years into semi-sober life. Exploring new limits and having new tools has helped me step up to a whole new level in life. I have seen and felt the results of cleaning up my drinking game. Rocking the no alcohol game has changed my life for the better. It’s so worth talking about. New friends, less noise, more money, more energy, less weight. Improved clarity, you know what I’m talking about.

I still wanted to have fun and be included in the festivities, I just knew that drinking was no longer in my best interest, it never really was. So I got honest and raised the bar for myself. I just had fun experimenting with what it was like to remain sober under every circumstance. I learned to say ‘no thank you’ just for the sport of it. I quickly learned that I could and the results felt amazing. Now I am so connected with my life, my feelings and my energy that I am rarely ever willing to cloud that up. It’s not about being ‘better than’, it’s simply a matter of whats best for me. Deep inside I truly knew that I hated being drunk, it’s just what everyone was doing, and I didnt want to do it anymore. Now I know I was right.

Things I Didn’t Used To Know

  • I didn’t know that I didn’t have to drink before.
  • I didn’t know that I could still be ‘cool’ and be sober.
  • I didn’t know that I could be comfortable and still be sober.

Drinking was just something we did. Every social gathering seemed to include a beverage of one sort or another and so I participated. I thought I was prettier, I thought I was smarter, I thought I was more charming when I was drinking… HOLY SHIT WAS I WRONG. I just didn’t know. #soberissmarter

Now I Know

  • I know for sure now that I am better off without alcohol at every turn.
  • I know now that I won back a TON of time, money and clarity.
  • I know now that hangovers are the single biggest waste of time I can think of for myself.
  • I know that I remain tactful, honestly humorous and far more capable when I am not drinking.
  • I truly know that I can enjoy the company I am with, without a drink in my hand.
  • I know that no matter how much ‘fun’ I used to have while drinking, life without drinking is far easier, happier and more fulfilling.

This was a very personal journey I was on. I kept my new habit to myself while I learned to be strong enough not to drink. As soon as I had some success under my belt and some perspective on the situation I started sharing… AND PEOPLE STARTED RESPONDING! To my great surprise people from every demographic were/are dealing with the same calling. Young and old, rich and not so rich, female and male… people are tired of being cloudy and drunk. People are no longer stimulated by drinking the way they used to be but it is so TABOO to open up about our drinking socially. But as soon as I cracked the subject people started confiding about feeling personally and socially trapped .Changing a lifetime of conditioned behaviors can be hard enough, but dealing with peer pressure,change in friends and trying to lose weight are ALL additional topics on the table.The road to cleaning up our drinking is enlightening but filled with pitfalls worth talking about.

Peer Pressure – Major reality

The social pressure to drink comes from every direction. Our social circles have been conditioned to have alcohol at nearly every event. Our after-hours work functions are highly likely to have alcohol. Our relationships often lead down a path of ‘having a drink together’ after work… EVERY DAY. You would be amazed at the stories I hear from highly accomplished leaders that tell me they still feel the pressure to drink. People that you would NEVER assume would have a problem saying no or feeling pressured were raising their hand. I was blown away. We have to apply major willpower to decline a beverage in a social setting. IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. Peer pressure must be at the forefront of your mind because you MUST BE PREPARED to have a plan for yourself.

Weight Loss | Lets Be Honest

“I’m telling you straight-faced and straight up, if you drink more than two times a week, you are massively hindering your body’s ability to increase your metabolism.” – Coach B

Hear me when I say this: It is not necessarily the alcohol that adds the pounds, (but yes, it is.) It’s the choices we make about food when we consume alcohol. Let’s me 100% honest with each other, our defenses are way down and our idea of a good time is way off when we drink. Our calorie intake skyrockets when we drink. In one social hour we can act AGAINST every intention we have set for ourselves. In the blink of an eye we sabotage all of our work in the gym for one mindless visit.

  • If you choose to drink on a frequent basis, also choose to make friends with your current weight.
  • If you choose to drink on a frequent basis, be open to the idea of gaining more weight.


I bet you are ready. When we finally get tired of being tired, we start to make the TOUGH decisions to improve . You don’t have to go cold turkey and be a righteous representative for sober living. There are PLENTY of fun ways to clean up your act and include your inner circle. Can you make a choice to do one of the following?

2 Beverage Limit

2 Times a Week Max

50/50 split (one mocktail / one cocktail)

Glass of water after every beverage

In my private coaching drinking is absolutely on the agenda every single week. We shed love and light on the topic by choosing when and where we will indulge and when and where we have to be prepared to say ‘no thank you.’ We make a plan. Every single one of us. Choosing to have a plan increases our level of control, success and ultimately self confidence. Get clear. Get Specific. Get accountable. Don’t live by accident.

Lifestyle Tool#31: The ‘Mock-tail’

The Mocktail. My 2015 Cocktail.

I love a mocktail and everything they stand for. Fun. Clarity. Balance. Accountability.

To support our journey we need to have options and tools available to us. The Mocktail is my favorite tool in my arsenal of lifestyle upgrades. The mocktail is really the perfect plan. Because we can ‘fit in’ without drawing attention to our new journey. Simply order your favorite cocktail, minus the alcohol. I don’t announce to the crowd that I’m not drinking, I just order my drink myself, nobody ever has to know. I can hold myself to my standards and mingle with the crowd without the pressure. Guess how much fun it is to explain 293 times to people who are drinking that you are staying sober or at least holding a very strong line.

Not to mention I DON’T FEEL DEPRIVED. I am drinking, just not alcohol.

OR, maybe I am drinking alcohol, just not a too of it because I mix in mocktails as well as water! I make hem at home for myself and my friends. I giggle every time. Viola! Problem solved (insert laugh here). ANY cocktail can turn into a mocktail! Who knew?

Clarity Rules | The fog has lifted

I will not lie. I feel amazing since I cleaned up the social drinking. I am more clear, have more money in the bank and now enjoy a figure that I never dreamed was possible for myself. The rewards are so overwhelming its crazy. Not to mention the amount of conflict that no longer happens in my life because myself, or another person, has had too much to drink. Lets face it, we are not half as charming as we think we are when we are drunk. Less hurt feelings less apologizing.The sense of pride repeats itself over and over on this one. I feel like I never stop winning.

TRIBAL TALK | The Healthy Happy Hour

Are you ready to convert to a healthy happy hour? I think you are. I know you CAN.

Lets be honest, we are stronger as a team. We are more successful when we have like minds around us to support us. Start by looking at your social calendar and talking to your circle about raising the bar. Introduce the topic in a healthy, fun, empowering way.

  • Can you clean up visitations with friends and family?
  • Can you start to plan social activities that are not totally focused around food or drinks?
  • Add a walk, a hike, a painting class, a ‘meet up’, anything else where we can get social under sober circumstances?
  • Can you simply shift the focus of your group to something more in line with all of your goals?
  • Start talking about mocktails and playing the water game.

YES, there may be food and drink but does it have to be the only focus? What else do you guys like to do? Make it fun! Keep it fresh! This doesn’t have to be a battle. Not to mention that damn near 100% of your friends and family truly do want to healthier, they just don’t know how.

Drinking…. quite possibly the most over-rated habit ever.

Shine the light.

Raise your bar.

Clean up your act.

Everything changes when you do.

Clear as Feck,

Coach B

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