Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

It’s a time management system.
It’s an ego management system.
It’s a stress management system.
Its a weight management system.
It’s a change management system.

All at the same time.
A totally unique approach to wellness coaching.

‘Coach B.’ offers a concierge style approach to company wellness. No matter the size, or condition of the team, she works with company leaders to create a customized program specific to their team’s needs. Coach B. has the natural ability to infuse the structure and good energy required to keep people at their most productive speed. The results of her work are evident almost instantly in the form of energy and clarity- personally and professionally.

Coach B. provides end-to-end health offerings. By encompassing fitness, food & attitude, each team member can assemble a personalized wellness toolbox specific to their needs. More importantly, we can improve the quality of their lives by taking a proactive approach to stress + anxiety!

Coach B. is the author of a wellness series she lovingly calls ‘Coach B. University,’ What started out as a quest to help her clients achieve balance in their lives has blossomed into a complete curriculum on fitness, food, and attitude all based around her scheduling philosophy.


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The Master Plan

Coach B’s method is designed to help business-minded people reorganize + re-prioritize their daily schedule to infuse wellness into their busy day in a very realistic way. The Master Planning system gives people the recipe to create balance in their lives- instantly.

Imbalance has become our normal state and it is taking a detrimental toll on our health and well being .Society has conditioned us to live out of balance. Way out of balance. Work/life imbalance. Emotional Imbalance. Familial imbalance. Physical imbalance. When the external factors such as rest, emotional well-being, nutrition, and fitness are all in proper balance, the internal ‘systems’ of the human body better are able to their maintain stability. Achieving balance is a sign that your body is in a state of optimal health.

joanna burks, coach B, wellness coaching, corporate coach, wellness, workplace wellness

The ‘Power-Chat’

Coach B. has a signature style – she motivates people by speaking with them, not at them. This comes across loud and clear in her presentations that are known as ‘Power-Chats.’

Gather your team for a monthly ‘Power-Chat’. Coach B. delivers life-changing tools in a very friendly + inviting way. She strips away the hierarchy of who is the ‘fittest’ and creates an environment of authenticity + inclusiveness. Power-chats bring top performers + those that may be under-performing together and unites them in forward motion toward happiness.

Lunchtime Life Changers


Sample ‘Power-Chats’


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