Meet Coach B.

What happens when an operational leader uses her business savvy to create a healthier life?

The birth of a lifestyle leader and the creation of The Master Plan – a coaching method designed to help business minded people reorganize and re-prioritize their daily schedule to infuse wellness into their business day in a very natural way.  The Master schedule replaces ego, stress and anxiety with clarity + energy – naturally.

Coach Burks considers herself a ‘recession rockstar’ – a former real estate executive turned nutritionist, trainer and corporate coach when the new housing market went bust. Combining her years of operational leadership, with her education and experience in personal training and nutrition, Coach Burks developed solutions to life’s real issues. Five strategies to create clarity + 5 strategies to manifest more energy

More importantly, she developed the tools needed to support long-term change, in addition to the inspiration and motivation.

The Master Classroom – a first of its kind, wellness classroom- literally an education on fitness, food and attitude at your fingertips. Powerful content is delivered in Coach B’s signature ‘Quick & Dirty’ style to allow you to study in a way that is conducive to your real life – easy access on a desktop or handheld device.  24 hours a day.

The Master Planner – ground zero for transformation. The ultimate lifestyle planner created by Coach B, specifically for the Master Plan coaching process a  template to help integrate wellness into people’s daily life.   10 Master Schedule strategies serve as the infrastructure to help you proactively map and manage change.  Fitness, food and attitude presented in a kick ass format, designed to inspire.




Called on by top executives for her one-of-a-kind champion talk and counsel, she has become the go-to resource for those looking to take their lifestyle, as well as their teams, to the next level.  Whether she is in the board room, on the training floor or out taking clients for a run, she infuses the clarity and energy needed to keep people in their most productive space.


What’s her secret? Coach B’s business savvy mindset allow her valuable insight; that true success for her clients will be found in end-to-end health offerings.  The Coach has had the distinct pleasure of sharing her tools with teams all around the country that are choosing to empower their people in a whole new way.