Meet Coach B.

What happens when an operational leader uses her business savvy to create a healthier life?

The birth of a lifestyle leader and the creation of The Master Plan – a coaching method designed to help business minded people reorganize and re-prioritize their daily schedule to infuse wellness into their business day in a very natural way.   Coach Burks considers herself a ‘recession rockstar’ – a former real estate director turned nutritionist, trainer and corporate coach when the new housing market went bust.

Called on by top executives for her one-of-a-kind champion talk and counsel, she has become the go-to resource for those looking to take their lifestyle, as well as their teams, to the next level.  Whether she is in the board room, on the training floor or out taking clients for a run, she infuses the clarity and energy needed to keep people in their most productive space.

What’s her secret? Coach B’s business savvy mindset allow her valuable insight; that true success for her clients will be found in end-to-end health offerings.

What’s her story?

I’m Coach JoAnna Burks- but professionally I go by Coach B.

I have the privilege of being a wellness coach, in the business world, which makes me very happy because business and wellness are two of my passions. I am fortunate enough to say that I am living my dream.  I am exactly where I want to be – in the business of helping people draft personal plans to cultivate more clarity + energy in their lives. I care about the people in the business world.  I want to make sure that t to feel they as good as I do.   I actually care if they are living their dream too.

I am the Creator of The Master Plan.  I use 10 strategies to help business minded people infuse wellness into their business day in really cool ways. I am fortunate enough to work with a variety of companies with a very unique goals.  No matter who the team is or what their goals are, we tend to have the same common realities.

  • We desire more time
  • More energy
  • Increased health + Decreased weight

Unfortunately, our society has conditioned us to live out of balance.  Way out of balance.  Work/life imbalance.  Emotional Imbalance.  Familial imbalance.  Physical imbalance.  Imbalance has become our normal state and it is taking a detrimental toll on our health and wellbeing – personally & professionally.   When we choose to honor our bodies’ needs over the demands of outside influences, we stand a great chance of being able to achieve optimal health.

It is possible to reorganize your current schedule to achieve a better mental and physical balance.  Over the past 10 years I have discovered the recipe for cultivating more time and energy- naturally.  More specifically, I’ve discovered that when we reprioritize 5 simple elements in our daily lives, we can have a BIG impact.   I mean a big impact.

These 5 steps eradicate those 3 really big issues:

    1. Sleep
    2. Work/Life Balance
    3. Decompression Breaks
    4. Fueling Schedule
    5. Stress Levels

A Little Coach B. History

I can personally relate to each of those issues.   I would like to introduce you to my previous self.  I think you might know her or someone just like her.  This hasn’t always been my reality you see.

Yes, I am a fitness coach.  Yes, I am a food coach.  Yes, I am an attitude coach.  But this is me, Coach B. at 33.  Nearly 10 years younger and 45 pounds heavier.

I was committed to my career.  Actually, I was over-committed, over-weight, over-worked, plagued by stress and sleep issues. I was living the very life I had designed for myself, yet it didn’t feel like I thought it would.  My work/life balance was way off.  I was so tired. I was operating at a level that was not sustainable. I felt stuck and it sucked. Jojo wanted her mojo back.

      1. I didn’t have enough time.
      2. I didn’t have enough energy.
      3. l wanted to lose weight / improve my health

In 2006 I checked myself into a boxing gym in an attempt to get myself refocused and refreshed.  I used fitness as a natural way to beat stress and fend off depression and it worked!   I wasn’t losing much weight, but I felt great for the first time in a long time simply because I had a new outlet to release energy.  In 2007 the Great Recession hit. I was in the new home construction industry, our demise was quick and very painful.  I was losing my job, my house, and my security but gaining an incredible new momentum because I was no longer clouded by stress and depression.

In 2008 I moved to LA and went back to school for fitness and nutrition, in order to survive.  I graduated second in my class and got busy building a new life. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for the information I picked up while the economy was down.  What started out as a quest to survive, evolved into developing the tools for ALL of us to thrive.  My health, my education and my new career took off like a rocket.

I threw myself into my coaching practice, I chose to specializing in training the business minded person, because I could relate to them.  Here was my first discovery as a trainer: More fitness was not the answer. I could train my clients 7 days a week and their results would still not match mine, not even close. They were losing weight, but they were not feeling nearly as great.  This was frustrating to me.

I was determined to map out the process and close the gaps to ensure my clients’ success.    I went back to the books.  I was able to rely on my education, no guess work.  I carefully analyzed my personal experience against everything I had learned in school.  Here is what I found:

The difference proved to be hidden the details of our lives.  Although our schedules seemed similar at first glance, that’s where the similarities ended.   My schedule was supremely balanced because it contained the organizational structure of my first career and was supported by my education during my second career. The gifts of energy, clarity, and radiance I was experiencing, were due to balance, not the input of more fitness.   The more research I did, the more science supported my theory.

My clients were showing up for training already over-worked, stressed and out of balance. Just like I used to do. While fitness was helpful, as a trainer I was honestly contributing to the imbalance.  I could see now that I wasn’t alone, the general population was having the same experience, and that I had moved through. I began to see every client as a tired version of my old self.  What my clients needed a more balanced schedule and I was the right woman for the job. The big picture was revealing itself, my two careers were feeding off each-other and my passion for striking work/life balance was igniting.

In 2010 the Master Schedule was born.  I created my first hybrid schedule to organize and honor the needs of our mind & body.  I was able to replicate the delicate balance required for maximum wellness, within the confines of a regular business day, because I had lived in both worlds. The gifts of energy, clarity, and radiance I was experiencing, were due to balance, not the input of more fitness.  Bye, bye stress, depression & anxiety!

10 strategies.

That bring us to present day.  Standing here delivering the strategies to help people restore balance in a whole new way. The business community doesn’t need a life coach, you simply need the scientific recipe for more clarity + energy.

The reality behind the strategy

We can have all the structure and strategy under the sun. We have to do more than just show up for work.  We have to be mindful to show up for ourselves every day, throughout the day.  I say that respectfully because I speak from experience.

That lack of time I was speaking of… we do it to ourselves.

For the most part our schedules are jam packed and we participate in the ‘too busy’ epidemic.   We are doing too much for other people and not enough for ourselves.  We don’t get more time, we need to be more selfish with the time we have and today we will learn to reclaim some of that space.

That time and energy that we say we don’t have… we give it away.

We get caught up in the pace of our ‘busy’ day.  Our happiness, health, nutrition and schedules are being prioritized behind the excuse of being ‘busy.’  We are managing to the crazy and it’s exhausting us.  We have become too comfortable with stress.

Stress has an impact on our health, our quality of life, and ultimately our profitability and sustainability.  Ill be the first to tell you that stress clouds your creativity and steals your energy.

We have make a conscious decision to prioritize your health + happiness.

I believe my true value as a coach is to help people restore balance and give them the tools to sustain that perspective.  I help you be better at what you do because I am going to give you the tools to become the most energized version of you.  I’m going to help you get to those goals, in a much better fashion. More supported, more energized, more relaxed and more authentic manor.