The Master Plan

The Master Plan


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It’s a time management system.
It’s an ego management system.
It’s a stress management system.
Its a weight management system.
It’s a change management system.

All at the same time.

Strategy + Instruction + Support

Strategy – The foundation for success

Imbalance has become our normal state and it is taking a detrimental toll on our health and well being – personally & professionally.   Unfortunately, our society has conditioned us to live out of balance.  Way out of balance.  Work/life imbalance.  Emotional Imbalance.  Familial imbalance.  Physical imbalance.   When we choose to honor our bodies’ needs over the demands of outside influences, we stand a great chance of being able to achieve optimal health.

When the external factors such as rest, emotional well-being, nutrition, and fitness are all in proper balance, the internal ‘systems’ of the human body better are able to their maintain stability. When internal systems are working in harmony, cells are replenishing properly, hormone levels are in check and your energy and body weight all take a healthy turn- naturally. Achieving balance is a sign that your body is in a state of optimal health.  As a result you wake up feeling refreshed and are able maintain consistently high energy throughout your entire day.

Replaces stress and anxiety with  clarity + energy – naturally.

The Master Planner – ground zero for transformation. The ultimate lifestyle planner created by Coach B, specifically for the Master Plan coaching process a  template to help integrate wellness into people’s daily life.   10 Master Schedule strategies serve as the infrastructure to help you proactively map and manage change.  Fitness, food and attitude presented in a kick ass format, designed to inspire.


Instruction – Coach B. University

The Master Classroom – a first of its kind, wellness classroom- literally an education on fitness, food and attitude at your fingertips. Powerful content is delivered in Coach B’s signature ‘Quick & Dirty’ style to allow you to study in a way that is conducive to your real life – easy access on a desktop or handheld device.  24 hours a day.

Ten  60 minute video coaching modules

8 Corresponding ebooks

Support – Welcome to the A-Team

Coach B. understands one thing, people need healthy, supportive places to grow.  Being surrounded by high-energy thinkers and inspired people has a powerful impact on our lives.  Courageous voices are influential in our daily life, even if we are not in close proximity to them – we benefit by being aligned with them – personally and professionally.

As people begin to evolve,  their clarity and energy begin to elevate  because they are now having uniquely different experiences than they once had.   In most cases, unless their immediate circle is already on the path to self-improvement, they will have no idea how to authentically support people their newfound energy.  That’s ok.  Coach B. has found the way.

Coach B. takes great pride in introducing you to her powerful posse – The A Team.  She also shares her 3-step recipe to help you cultivate your own  A Team too.  These people are hand selected to sit on our personal board of directors based on their energy and commitment to living an amazing life.  By no means are these people more important, nor do they have more value, than other people in our life, they are simply more directly-aligned with the goals we mapped for ourselves.

  • People who hold you accountable in a friendly/motivating way.
  • People who are grounded in GRATITUDE and expresses it freely.
  • Those with strong language skills that speak in a positive light.
  • Proven leaders who give sound advice that is in-line with your best interest.